Significant time saving

Survisor eliminates the need for locating and carrying out lengthy analyses of historical surveys, vastly reducing the time required for assessment and reporting and greatly increasing the visibility of the condition of assets in real time.

'Smart' configuration

The Survisor system automatically configures itself so that the end user will not have irrelevant options they will never need or use, and additional modules can be added for optimum functionality.

Cost-effective plans

Survisor is the practical solution to obtaining detailed and accurate plans of assets without the need for expensive CAD/CAM licenses or training. Users are only ever three clicks away from the information they need.

Checking safeguards for improved efficiency

Accurate and up-to-date condition assessments based on mapped assets enable users to plan in cyclical checks, preventative maintenance, and to replace elements as they reach the end of their expected life. Survisor enables users to determine the frequency of asset inspections. For example, where an annual check is required, Survisor acts as a smart reminder system, providing inspection alerts before an inspection is due.

Unlimited buildings capability

The Survisor system allows you to manage multiple buildings at the same time. In fact you only need one program to manage an unlimited number of surveyed buildings.

Improved health and safety

Survisor has built-in ‘safety’ prompts, minimising the risk of essential health and safety checks and inspections being overlooked.

Removes Wasteful Duplication

Survisor can greatly increase both productivity and job satisfaction. It removes the possibility of duplication and replaces laborious report writing with data entry on site via a user-defined touch screen template system. Completed surveys can be instantly viewed by anyone with approved access to the Survisor system.

Designed specifically for your needs

The reports generated by Survisor are customer defined, creating a totally bespoke system for users’ specific reporting requirements and when required

Easily accessible information for all assets

Survisor benefits asset-heavy organisations by helping them to manage these more efficiently and effectively, potentially reducing both energy and operating costs.

Adaptable to changing requirements

Even after the Survisor system has been supplied with the current status of a user’s building assets, additional buildings can be added at a later date and uploaded remotely without any access interruption.

Accurate and timely information

Survisor provides the capability for real-time reporting, ensuring that managers have the most up-to-date inspection information at the touch of a screen.