What can Survisor do?

The features of the system

A Unique Visual Navigation System

Survisor’s bespoke information retrieval system is tailored to users’ specific operational requirements.

The building blocks of the system derive from building data. In addition to navigating data visually, it is possible to ‘query the system and to ask it to provide a report of all of the areas in need of urgent repair, print a contact sheet of the office spaces in the best condition, or give a breakdown of window replacement costs. Almost any criteria can be compiled automatically in a report, simply by touching the screen.

Those entering inspection data on site are also guided through the system to ensure nothing is overlooked.

State of the Art Technology

The Survisor system is supplied on a Windows tablet, but is also available to run on PCs, laptops, or touch-screen laptops.

Survisor’s intuitive system provides users with the ability to browse measured surveys using the touch screen interface. All layers (such as services, furnishings, plantings, measurements etc.) of the survey can be turned on and off independently so that the user can focus solely on the desired view, without specific detail being obscured by other visual information.

Condition Reports

Survisor allows users to browse a condition report based on the plan of their buildings as well as individual condition reports for each room, facilitated by independently ‘touchable’ screens. Users can also simply touch the screen to move and zoom the plan to the desired size or position.

High Quality Asset Imaging

Full-sized, high quality images of each room, section or asset of a building are stored by Survisor and can be printed out, together with any section of the measured survey, condition survey or health and safety report.

Measured Surveys

Measured survey prints are also fully and intelligently scaled to the correct sizes.

All plans can be printed off, with the scale bar attached and the system can be linked to any Windows compatible printer allowing users to print off multiple copies of plans to their desired scale.


The Survisor system also enables timetables to be attached to rooms. Simply by browsing building plans, searches can be made to assess availability and if any repairs are required to specific areas or assets, these can be scheduled.

Health & Safety Checking

Survisor’s Health and Safety module is equipped to provide the required records and alerts to ensure that all necessary health and safety inspections and reports are completed on time, while also providing an instant audit trail for independent verification. This makes Survisor the practical health and safety management solution for general manufacturing and office environments, as well as high-risk industries where attention to safety is critical.

The Survisor Health and Safety module customises your health and safety requirements and maps your management information system onto the plan of your building and critical assets for tailor-made health and safety management and reporting.

Inspection Result Escalation And Management

Survisor’s built in checking and alerting system means that in cases where asset conditions have deteriorated to a critical level, reports on the status of these assets will be escalated automatically to a higher level to enable urgent remedial action to be taken. This also provides a means by which regular failures in specific areas or with specific assets can be identified prompting health and safety and procurement managers to undertake further investigations.

Periodic Maintenance Inspections

Survisor is your essential partner in the drive to keep on top of maintenance checks, as this innovative and interactive system provides:

  • Alerts when checks are due
  • Reports showing frequency of faults in specific areas
  • Costing schedules for planning maintenance work into the future

IT Topological Surveys

As another feature, Survisor can display IT topological surveys to map the IT infrastructure. Through this feature, performance metrics can be assigned to show how IT performance is affected in different parts of the building by different infrastructure types.

Live Costings

uilding asset conditions are also linked to a pre-determined set of costs, which means that approximate costs of repair can be provided for each item within a condition report. These costs are updated periodically (at a pre-defined interval) to ensure that they remain in line with fluctuating material prices.

Comprehensive Reporting

Survisor’s design offers an extensive set of reporting tools and interrogation options and users can easily generate reports at the touch of a screen.

The types of customer generated reports that can be quickly delivered by Survisor are wide and varied including:

  • Health and safety and risk assessment reports
  • Building condition audit reports
  • Health and safety fire and access inspection reports
  • Site inspection reports
  • Property and asset records
  • Visit reports
  • Restoration reports
  • Plant checks
  • Cable installation records
  • Heating efficiency reports
  • Security status reports
  • Underground surveys

Secure Cloud Data Storage And Retrieval

All reports, documents and data produced by Survisor are backed up and stored via a cloud-based servers which are accessible 24 hours a day / 7 days a week, and all outputs and reports comply with DfE, and PDSP standards.

Data is accessible over multiple instances of Survisor on different tablets or PCs run by you. This gives you a full synchronised view of your data, over any number of sites worldwide.